Patient Satisfaction Survey

Please take some time and fill out our Patient Satisfaction Survey after you have had an appointment with us. We really appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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Please rate your experience as a physical therapy patient at Marquette Orthopedic and Sports Therapy. For each question below, pick the answer that best represents your feelings.

Staff Excellent Good Fair Poor Terrible
1. Friendly and courteous behavior
2. Professional behavior
3. Communication regarding your injury and treatment
4. Response to your concerns
5. Timely attention to your needs
6. Explanation of your bill and payment
7. Overall quality of staff
Clinic and Facility Excellent Good Fair Poor Terrible
1. Condition and cleanliness of clinic
2. Furnishings and decor
3. Parking convenience
4. Location
5. Overall comfort and appeal
Overall Impression Excellent Good Fair Poor Terrible
1. Overall quality of this clinic
2. Satisfaction with your therapist
General Questions Yes No
1. Would you recommend this clinic to others?
2. Were you seen at your scheduled time?
3. Did your therapist provide a home program?
4. Is your condition better?
5. Does our clinic offer sufficient hours?
What did you like best about our clinic?
What would you recommend we improve?
Where did you hear about us?

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